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27 Feb

Google Shopping Ads have finally made it to Ireland


Google has recently rolled out their advertising solution for online retailers in Ireland, which is called Google Shopping. This solution first appeared in 2004, and since then it has left a significant mark in the world of e-commerce. How does it work exactly? Let’s assume you are looking for snowboards

20 Jan

Why Business Leaders Need to be Thinking Digital to Ensure Survival


  Digital is Quickly Becoming the new “Traditional” for Marketers The unquestionable advantages of digital marketing have led to its continued rise in strategic importance within organisations, taking marketing budget share and operational resources from traditional channels. Many strategic leaders understand it’s importance, but not the exact reasons why, so

08 Jun

The New Consumer-Centric Branding Paradigm


By Eamonn O Raghallaigh Branding has undergone a number of evolutionary steps in the last hundred years; from its initial state as a statement of quality and authenticity in product-based branding, to the communication of concepts and ideas in the latter part of the 20th century, and finally to its