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11 Sep

What’s New In Google Search Console

New Google Search Console | SEO

After months of hinting and speculation, Google has finally pulled the improved and overhauled search console from beta to live status. With that update comes a few new tools and some old tools moved to the new interface. Google seems to have meticulously gone through feedback and suggestions to determine

29 May

Google Analytics and GDPR Compliance

GDPR | Google Analytics

On 25th May 2018, GDPR came into effect across the EU. If your company takes data seriously and is using Google Analytics at the very least to improve and optimise your advertising and outreach initiatives, you should be taking GDPR seriously and actively work towards compliance. The regulation has the

29 Mar

What Digital Marketers Can Learn From The Chrome Ad-Block

Google Chrome | Ad Block | Digital Strategy

Google Chrome Ad-block Update Google has introduced a significant update to Chrome with the latest version. Launched on February 15, 2018, the latest version of Google Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) comes with built-in features that block certain ads from appearing, with the intention of providing a better

17 Jan

Digital Marketing In 2018 And The Trends Shaping It

Digital Marketing Trends | Digital Strategy

Digital marketing evolved tremendously in 2017. Now, with technological advancements and evolved online habits of the modern “Netizen”, marketers will need to look out for trends that affect their initiatives and will soon realise that mobile as a platform cannot be ignored anymore. We’ve compiled a list of trends that

13 Jan

The Use of Social Media in the Recruitment Sector in Ireland

Since late 2007, the term Web 2.0 has pervasively invaded strategic direction in marketing, information systems, recruitment and customer services in the business world. It is heralded as a powerful medium which will make the online experience for many richer, more interactive, more productive and more appealing. It is set

02 Nov

Twitter – 280 Character Experiment

Twitter | 280 Characters | Social Media Marketing | Digital Strategy Consultants

  On September 26, 2017, Twitter in a surprise announcement revealed an ongoing experiment wherein select accounts were given early access to an increased character count to 280 and stated that this character count change would be standardised for everyone if the experiment proved to be successful. So far we have

26 Sep

Cybersecurity Update – Google Makes HTTPS Mandatory

Cybersecurity | Web Security | HTTPS

  The New Cybersecurity Update There is a good chance, beginning in October 2017, visitors to your website might see it being flagged as an unsafe environment. On April 27, 2017, Google released an official statement declaring that any and all websites that have a text input field on their

27 Feb

Google Shopping Ads have finally made it to Ireland

Google has recently rolled out their advertising solution for online retailers in Ireland, which is called Google Shopping. This solution first appeared in 2004, and since then it has left a significant mark in the world of e-commerce. How does it work exactly? Let’s assume you are looking for snowboards

20 Jan

Why Business Leaders Need to be Thinking Digital to Ensure Survival

  Digital is Quickly Becoming the new “Traditional” for Marketers The unquestionable advantages of digital marketing have led to its continued rise in strategic importance within organisations, taking marketing budget share and operational resources from traditional channels. Many strategic leaders understand it’s importance, but not the exact reasons why, so