Understand your Consumer Discretely for Optimum Targeting and Effectiveness

A key competitive advantage we have as a company is our expertise in understanding the consumer in the context of our client’s business. This consumer research element is critical in the optimum development of a best practice digital marketing strategy. Our consumer research methodology focuses on five key areas which assist in the formulation the overall strategy:

  • Understanding the customers/consumers (termed ‘User Personas’). Who are the users?
  • Understanding what the users’ objectives are when they visit the site (termed ‘User Scenarios’). What needs are the users trying to fulfil?
  • Understanding how the users navigate through the site to meet their set objectives (termed ‘User Journeys’). How do we meet the user’s needs in a logical, user-friendly and efficient manner?
  • User experience audit of current website to identify what are the current journeys and using analytics to assess how these journeys are currently performing with a view to scoping necessary improvements in the new website to enhance conversion.
  • Market and competitor analysis to give further insights into the overall competitive digital landscape

Digital Consumer Journey Mapping

The importance of the customer journey in driving engagement and positive brand impressions on the website is often underestimated. Significant thought considerations must be given as to how the customer navigates and flows through the website. For each key pathway, best practice dictates a starting page designed with the latest learnings in user experience and conversion optimisation applied.  This should include directional cues, colour psychology, call-to-action placement based on Nielsen’s research (Nielsen 1993), conversion and trust enforcers amongst other conversion optimisation and engagement techniques.

The consumer journey mapping needs to be based on specified personas & real-world scenarios. Personas identified internally (or formulated during the project) will be assigned scenarios as to why they would visit the website and these journeys mapped in the context of the current website(s). Each journey will be assessed in terms of best practice user experience and recommendations for improvement will be provided if necessary. Furthermore, selected journeys will need to be country specific as consumers from different countries have different cultural behaviours and as such respond better to customised (geo-targeted) customer journeys. Journeys should be modelled in terms of the initiation point (stimulus) which triggered the journey; i.e. did the journey start from a search engine or by the user clicking on content on social media channels. It will be also important to ascertain the high-level consumer journey to purchase using the moment-of-truth framework (Muzellec and O’Raghallaigh 2018). 

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