Our Core Team

We are digital obsessed. We see ourselves as Innovators, Artists, Game Changers, who ensure best
practice, but strive to push the envelop and redefine the very definition of best practice.

Eamonn O’Raghallaigh


Eamonn is an expert digital strategist with a passion for digital transformation. Eamonn holds decision making authority and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. He holds postgraduate degrees in Neuroscience (RCSI) & Digital Marketing (UCD Smurfit) and is a lecturer in Digital Marketing at Trinity College Dublin. He previously held the post of coordinator of the MSc Digital Marketing Practice module in UCD Smurfit Business School and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Christina Russell


As our account director, Christina acts as our liason with clients. She ensures that clients receive well-rounded account management and provides the clarity to lead projects on a day-to-day basis. Christina's aptitude comes from her experience in managing high value clients, projects and products alike for over 12 years in the digital space. Christina’s expertise lies in managing high value projects, eCommerce websites, revenue analysis, CRM and yield management among others.

Ray Carolan


As head of design, Ray is responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are handed over with a focus on functional aesthetics. Ray is our in-house expert in translating your ideas and requirements into an intuitive, sustainable and appealing design that resonates with your customers and builds loyalty. He has over 15 years of experience in handling web design and development projects. He is an expert with deep insight and familiarity across platforms including Joomla, WordPress & Magento and languages including PHP, ASP and HTML. Ray’s customer centric philosophy ensures that he sees the project from the client's’ viewpoint which allows him to tackle the project with the big picture in mind.

Amrith Muralidharan


Amrith is our UX expert with a strong passion for developing digital environments and platforms based on simplicity, intuition and sustainable functionality that make an impact and drive results. He is passionate about creating digital experiences backed by comprehensive consumer research and hard data. Amrith holds an MSc in Marketing from UCD Smurfit Business School where he majored in Digital and Branding. His past experience has enabled him to work with the FMCG, Banking, Retail, E-commerce and Public Services industries. He is also keen on fusing ideologies and best practices of both the traditional and digital mediascapes to help brands grow.

Federico Conti


Federico is our digital marketing expert who is responsible for overseeing the development and deployment of full-scope online strategies. Ensuring best practices with a focus on the latest trends, Federico is an expert in SEO, Digital Advertising & Social Media Landscapes. His comprehensive knowledge of all the main platforms for advertising & analytics, search engines and various CMS allows him to spearhead our project’s technical aspects ensuring a holistic approach to all things digital.

Robert Ferguson


Rob spearheads web design & development projects from initial concept to the deployment of final deliverables ensuring best practice is adhered to. Rob is also in charge of managing all digital design assets including UI & UX throughout the project life cycle. Rob has years of experience in MySQL, PHP, graphic design and design thinking. He is our in house expert in the development, execution and optimisation of sustainable, smart and impactful design concepts and is our primary solutions architect.

Peter Gardus


Peter is our data analytics expert with responsibility for the creation and optimisation of custom dashboards for digital reporting using his advanced knowledge of Excel, analytics tools, data studio and tableau. He has five years of financial planning & data analytics experience with IBM and has supervised digital campaign research and execution for numerous projects. Peter’s background in financial data analytics allows him to approach digital marketing analytics in an in-depth manner. His background ensures that he analyses and visualises data, develops strategies and executes them with surgical precision.

Neil Chevalier


Neil has primary responsibility for developing, executing and optimising administrative and operational procedures. Working on process simplification and developing standards of operations, Neil coordinates and ensures optimised allocation of resources. Neil is also in charge of HR, payroll and vendor relations. He is responsible for ensuring all processes execute smoothly and that we as a team are successful in delivering to the highest standards.

Mark O'Connell


Mark has primary responsibility for developing and executing all strategy proposals. He has a passion for strategy and for assisting organisations achieve their online goals through best practice techniques and priming them to drive competitive advantage through early adoption of emerging digital technologies. Mark holds a LL.B (BS) (Hons) in Law & Business (TCD), MSc in Data Intelligence (Fordham University, New York) and a MSc in Marketing Strategy (Antwerp Management School). His current research interests are in the field of analytics and strategy and how these disciplines can be used to drive competitive advantage.



Like his namesake Sigmund Freud, Sigmund has a deep interest in psychology and the inner workings of the human mind. As head of Pawcurement, Sigmund has chief responsibility for ensuring that our workforce remains engaged and to ensure that we both successfully retain staff and attract skilled individuals to add to our team. In his spare time, Sigmund enjoys long walks in the park, roast chicken and socialising with both humans and fellow canines alike.



As head of Barketing, Frankie has dual responsibility for inbound marketing & security. Using his natural intuition and ability to connect with potential customers, Frankie is perfectly happy when receiving belly rubs and putting on a show for potential clients. But don't be fooled. Frankie jealously guards his territory and will stand up to anyone who dares to disrespect his workplace or colleagues. When entering the premises, Frankie will either identify you as friend or foe and which side of the line you end up on will be determined by your interactions with our head of barketing.

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