Strong Reach

The number of regular social media users is on the rise and shows no sign of stopping. The strong & growing membership provide brands with an opportunity to advertise to potential audiences

Laser Targeting

Social platforms afford your brand laser targeting capabilities. Your brand should be able to advertise to a highly customisable audience profile based on numerous factors

Data Driven

Social advertising will provide your brand with crucial data and insights on the set target audience, the availability of this data allows you to further refine your targeting, messaging and strategy to optimise your social advertising spending

How it works 

Social media advertising is the process of using social networks to build brand awareness, engage with existing and potential customers and generate leads via a paid approach.

The time spent on social networks every day is increasing rapidly, with users browsing social channels while on the move as well. This provides brands with an opportunity to present their message and their ads to potential customers and audiences throughout the day. Additionally, the targeting capabilities platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook offer provides you with the advantage of allocating & re-allocating resources when required thereby ensuring optimal spending and a higher return on investment.