This reflects our commitment to providing excellence in Digital Marketing for our clients. Helping them find success through Google Ads.

This exclusive partner tier gives Google Premier Partner agencies exclusive additional benefits and services from Google – benefits that non-Premier Partner agencies don’t enjoy. These extra services include:

– Advanced Marketing training.

– Access to business strategy consulting.

– Invitation to annual Partners summit.

– Dedicated account support and management.

– Advanced Vertical and sector insights directly from Google.

What does Google Premier Partner Status mean for your business?

The additional support and insights we can access give us the edge when it comes to building effective campaign strategies. Helping us and your business keep at the forefront of the industry. Working closely with and learning from Google ensures that our clients stay ahead of their competitors. The constant change and updates that Google are introducing is dramatically influencing the media strategies we recommend, so keeping up to date is crucial to continued business success.

About the Authorstaff photo

Neil Chevalier is a digital expert working at Digital Strategy Consultants. He has a passion for strategy and for assisting organizations achieve their online goals through best practice techniques and priming them to drive competitive advantage through the early adoption of emerging digital technologies. Neil holds an MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy (TCD) with a strong interest in consumer psychology and human behaviour. 

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To get customers, it’s imperative to be seen by the mass. Every successful company is unique and needs contrasting digital marketing strategies. Book a meeting with us and we will help you find the correct strategy for your company.

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