by Eamonn O’Raghallaigh PhD

Digital marketing agencies are companies that specialize in delivering a variety of internet marketing services to businesses. These services include online advertising, website design and development, social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital analytics. There a very few full-stack agencies where they specialise in all of the above; more common is for agencies to have their specific strong points. Some agencies are more technical (focus on technical advertising, digital research, web development, SEO and analytics), while other are more creative (advertising creative design, web design, campaign ideation, audience engagement and social media). There is also a distinction to be drawn to agencies who are strong in B2B lead generation and marketing, while others might focus more on B2C marketing and mass media / E-Commerce. These specialisms tend to grow organically based on the internal staff expertise and the clients the agency engages over time, with their expertise growing over time in their specific niche.

A digital marketing agency’s mission is to assist firms in establishing and maintaining a strong online presence, reaching their target audience, and meeting their marketing and sales objectives. They accomplish this through the use of a range of tactics and strategies, including as developing and implementing targeted campaigns, evaluating data and metrics, and staying current on the newest trends and best practices in the digital marketing sector.

Rather than trying to manage all of their online marketing efforts in-house, businesses can benefit from the knowledge and resources of a dedicated team of specialists by collaborating with a digital marketing firm. This is especially advantageous for small and medium-sized firms that may lack the time and money to run their own digital marketing internal teams.

How much does hiring a digital marketing agency cost in Ireland?

Agencies in Ireland typically cost anything from €80 per hour to €140 per hour +VAT on average (around €100 per hour is most common) and a typical agency retainer is anything from 8 – 16 hours per month. Some of the bigger agencies may cost more as there are graded hourly rates depending on the staff on the account. Bigger agencies tend to have dedicated account managers also, while with small-medium agencies your digital specialist will also function as an account manager, drawing from other specialists across the agency as the need arises.

What type of services does a digital marketing agency provide?

Digital marketing agencies provide a broad range of services including digital marketing strategy and campaign planning, website design and development, social media management, email marketing, digital advertising, digital analytics and search engine optimization.

  • Website design and development entails establishing a professional, responsive and user-friendly website for a business while also ensuring that it is search engine and mobile device optimized.
  • Social media management entails setting up and administering the company’s social media accounts, making a content calendar and publishing schedule, and communicating with followers and potential consumers.
  • Email marketing entails the creation and distribution of email campaigns to a company’s email subscribers, often with the objective of promoting items or services or keeping subscribers engaged with the brand.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s and its content’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be accomplished through both on-page (e.g., employing relevant keywords, optimizing pictures and videos, etc.) and off-page optimization (e.g. building high-quality backlinks).
  • Paid advertising (e.g., Google AdWords, Facebook Ads), content marketing (e.g., blogging, video creation), influencer marketing, and other services may also be provided by digital marketing agencies.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

Employing a digital marketing agency comes with some significant benefits, such as having access to a team of specialists, being cost-effective, and being able to focus on key company processes while outsourcing marketing tasks

  • Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a digital marketing agency is sometimes less expensive than handling all of your marketing activities in-house. This is due to the fact that agencies frequently have economies of scale and can provide bulk pricing for their services. Hiring an agency can also save you the expense of hiring, training, and managing an in-house marketing staff.
  • Ability to focus on key company functions: By outsourcing your marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency, you can spend your time and resources on running and expanding your business rather than on marketing activities. This can assist you in making the most use of your time and resources, potentially increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Long-term value: Working with a digital marketing agency can help your business establish a strong online presence and build relationships with clients, which can boost sales and growth over time.
  • Mitigating risk and reducing media budget burn: Working with a digital agency can help reduce the risk of traffic loss from SEO errors and reduce the media budget burn from un-optimised advertising campaigns. Agencies are on top of the latest trends in digital and can alert you to errors or issues on your website or with your campaigns that otherwise you might not be aware of.

In conclusion

Working with a digital marketing agency can add long-term value to your business by assisting you in establishing a strong online presence, reaching your target audience, and meeting your marketing and sales objectives. These can be considered as capital investments in your business as they become tangible assets in essence – your presence will continue to grow and the intellectual property and intelligence you build on your target audience is invaluable. Ultimately you may reach a point where you outgrow your agency and want to bring the skills in-house, and at this point you will have all the groundwork done and the framework setup expertly.

The potential return on investment of engaging a digital marketing agency varies depending on your company’s specific needs and goals, as well as the services you choose to use. However, engaging with a digital marketing agency has resulted in a high return on investment for many organizations, making it a beneficial investment for many.

Author: Eamonn O’Raghallaigh, PhD

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