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Intelligent Web Design Process

Your strategy document will deliver actionable insights to your business in areas such as

Discovery, Research & Planning

Critical to a project’s success is an initial workshop to gather ideas and gain a deep understanding of the brand and it’s business strategy. We also gather the technical specifications for the project that will help execute the Marketing Strategy.

Design & Prototyping

The design and Prototyping phase is where we map out the key points of the project in visual form. We also design the user experience through layout and visual imagery to bring across branding messages and project objectives.


The development stage is broken down to the core functionality tasks of the project. We look at all technical issues that may arise and research comprehensive solutions that fit the needs of the project and client.

Digital Optimisation

Optimisation of the website is key to gaining faster web page load times and in turn ranking high in search listings. Page load speed has and will continue to be an important factor in search rankings. Nobody wait’s for a slow loading web site.

Security & Testing

This is the exciting part for you as you see your website appear online on your live domain for the first time. We do a soft launch first to test all functionality and server compatibility while we put in place the pre launch SEO and Marketing work.


With the testing phase completed we move to the deplyment stage where we finalise all aspects of the project including all SEO migration best pratices and functionality review of the finished project. This is where we get final sign off from client.


Intelligent, Responsive, UX and Digital Marketing Optimised Websites

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Wonder why you noticed this area?

We have used a directional cue – your brain is programmed to look if someone else (or an animal) appears to be looking in a certain direction. It is a subtle technique to guide users through a specific journey on a website and notice specific  elements, like the call-to-action button below in orange (which in colour psychology elicits a higher click through rate on most websites).

Click it and we can teach you more about the techiques we employ

% Of Users Leave If Your Website Is Slow Loading
% of Digital Time Spent on Mobile
Milli-seconds For A Visitor to Form an Impression
% Search the Web Before a Purchase Decision



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