Social Media Marketing

Setup and optimisation of your social media channels. Reach, engage and listen to your customers on the platforms they use most


Advocacy: Using social media can lead to empowered and engaged consumers who act as an extension of your sales force.
Channels & Reach: Social media allows for you to access new channels and grow reach otherwise not accessible by traditional media.



Product Champions: Engagement & Discourse on Social Channels develops product champions, who will promote and defend your brand.
Strategic Partnerships: Opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with organisations which would otherwise be difficult to deploy.



Social Signals: Social media allows for analysis of sentiment and conversation from consumers only accessible via market research otherwise.
Insights: Opportunity to analyse intelligence from both consumers and competitors from social channels which can be used to sharpen strategy.



Reputation: Social media facilitates reputation enhancement by reacting to negative sentiment and by promoting positive sentiment.
Revenue: Social channels offer an additional checkbox in the consumers purchasing consideration set.


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