Neuromarketing Supporting Communication Activities

Neuromarketing is the application of brain functioning knowledge to marketing communication. The study of how people truly respond to advertising and other brand-related messages happens by monitoring brainwave and electrodermal activity, visual behavior and facial micro-expressions. These neuromarketing techniques are used to analyze marketing stimuli in order to predict consumer decision-making behaviour. In practice, Neuromarketing represents a new strategic tool for designing communicative elements and messages, capable of directing company resources in the right direction and optimizing investments, minimizing the probability of error and guaranteeing final recipients a higher level of satisfaction.

Neuromarketing tools allow to scientifically study nervous system’s activity, measuring mental processes by focusing on emotional responses of which the user is not fully aware. Neuromarketing does not replace traditional marketing, but supports it to improve the global strategy of the company. It integrates marketing activities to early understand the automatic mental processes that precede the rational and conscious evaluation during purchase processes, in more reliably way.

Marketing strategy is essential to position your brand and products in the minds of current and potential customers, but there are questions it cannot answer by itself. Even when conceived and applied correctly, the validity of a communication strategy is revealed only in progress, through the analysis of data and the refinement of the actions deemed most effective on the basis of assumptions. What can you do BEFORE, to guarantee your strategy the highest chance of success and make it as performing as possible? Through the integration of several neuro-psycho-physiological techniques, B SIDE can help companies to anticipate emerging doubts and offer easy-to-apply solutions. Our methodology provides tangible benefits, optimize available resources and minimize the of error probability.

The technologies used are EEG, Eye Tracking, GSR and Facial Expressions Analysis Software. EEG records brain activity through electrodes on the scalp and can measure non-conscious attitudes towards a brand or product, and quantify perceived interest and mental effort. Eye Tracking measures the position and movement of the eyes to identify visual attention and salient aspects. GSR measures the intensity of emotional response by recording electrodermal activity. Facial Expressions Analysis Software uses a webcam to investigate real-time facial micro-expressions to evaluate subjects' mental state and emotions during exposure to a marketing stimulus. These technologies provide insight into subjects' mental states and can be useful in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and other stimuli.


  • Seen & Unseen Elements
  • Typical Exploration Path & Specific Aoi
  • Attention
  • Cognitive Interest & Emotional Valence
  • Mental Workload
  • Memorization
  • Willingness To Pay
  • Mental Engagement
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Branding: Naming, Visual And Brand Identity
  • Product Catalogs: Both Printed Or Digital
  • Advertising: Ad Pages, Banner, Spot And So On
  • Digital: Websites, E-commerce, Social Media Feeds And Advertising
  • Events And Trade Fairs: Tested Both On Rendering Or Onsite
  • Packaging: Labels, Boxes, etc.

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