SEO & Marketing Ready

The vast collection of available plug-ins and extended functionality that CMS’ provide you allows your website to be optimised for SEO & marketing from the early stages of the site build.

Cost Effective

The majority of CMS platforms provide strong customisation and integration capabilities. This allows your brand to enable functionalities on your site with ease that would other be time-consuming and expensive to build from scratch, thus providing a cost-effective approach


CMS’ allow non-technical staff to manage changes to the website with ease. CMS interfaces are designed to be intuitive. With training, your staff can handle basic changes and content creation tasks allowing you a higher level of control

Our Approach to CMS Use

At Digital Strategy, we are prepared to work with a multitude of content management systems and custom builds. However, we advocate the use of a CMS due to the benefits that it can provide your brand. Our philosophy in building your website using a CMS is to ensure that it can be used by your staff to reap the CMS’ quick deployment benefit.

We find that a collaborative environment wherein you have control over certain aspects of the CMS and your site & with us guiding and maintaining the more technical aspects works best. Post site launch, our approach generally includes the provision of basic training to your staff, depending on the level of control you would like to have to navigate the CMS interface and handle content addition and changes.