User Experience Design

It is imperative to enhance user satisfaction by ensuring usability and accessibility by keeping the user at the centre of the design process. We use UX design principles to ensure a seamless and highly memorable experience across all devices.

Responsive Design

Your website will be fully responsive catering for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices and should degrade gracefully in older browser versions. Responsiveness should be maintained across a range of dominant web browsers.

Mobile First Approach

With the rise in mobile based browsing, it is crucial to approach design and development with a strict mobile first attitude. Mobile experiences need to be seamless, personalised and memorable to keep users engaged.

Importance of Responsive Design 

The aim is to design innovative, intuitive sites, with a unique presentation style that invites the user to explore the content fully. All our designs are created with responsive web design in mind, to allow for ease of navigation across devices. Strong graphics and visuals will drive user engagement with the site. Throughout the design process, we will take into consideration the brand identity of your company to create a relevant, appropriate and best practice website design.

How we work

Our approach to responsive UX design will be based upon user personas and scenarios and developed in-line with business goals. The redesign and graphical layout of the website must be visually to the highest standards and incorporate the latest evidence in best practice design. Understanding consumer behaviour allows us to match the correct colour psychology, directional cues and nuances of the particular target audience to the design.