C-level Suite Reports

We can provide detailed analytical reports and dashboards to aid senior management make more informed decisions with metrics and insights they would need

Marketing Dashboards

We can help develop, maintain and optimise performance marketing dashboards that can be critical to digital teams in optimising campaigns and driving business

E-Commerce Reporting

We design E-Commerce performance reports & real-time dashboards for product managers, digital marketers, marketing directors and stakeholders on all levels

Adapted Digital Reporting to Your Specific Tech Stack

Whether your company is using Google, Microsoft, Tableau or other software providers for internal reporting, we will adapt to the tools your organisation is using. From eCommerce analytics to lead generation, we can enhance tracking the progress of your digital & business performance

Our Visualisation Arsenal Boasts Tools Such as :

1) Google Data Studio
2) Microsoft Power BI
3) Spreadsheet-based reporting
4) Tableau
5) And other tools