Audit & Research

Auditing the current structure provides us with a gap analysis, revealing improvement opportunities. We further this knowledge through internal workshops and site user behaviour research to under business goals and site user goals. This step is integral in also revealing content gaps and subsequently developing a content strategy

Sitemap Creation/Redevelopment

The sitemap represents the site’s information architecture. Based on research findings, the site IA can be redeveloped to better suit business and user needs. The same steps can be applied to create a well-defined sitemap for new website launches.

Validating & Testing

The initial structure and sitemap are usually found to not be the final version that is implemented. Validating & testing are crucial in ensuring that the site structure is not developed with a bias. We use various methods such as monitored user testing, card sorting, mind mapping & affinity diagramming. Many of these methods are also applied during the initial planning.

Customer-Centric Approach to Information Architecture 

Approaching information architecture planning in a customer-centric manner involves answering the fundamental questions users have when they land on your website.

Am I in the right place? Do they have what I seek? Do they have anything better? What do I do now?

This will ensure that users are not lost on your website and find what they seek. Validation tests such as card sorting, tree testing, mind mapping and affinity diagramming help ensure that the questions get answered.