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The overall goal of the partnership with Bank of Ireland was to overhaul the digital processes of the bank and bring them in line with best practice guidelines. We were engaged in late 2013 to develop a management information and marketing analytics insights platform for retail operations to provide actionable insights and strategic direction. Furthermore, we had as our objective to streamline business processes and optimise the banks corporate activities for eCommerce.


To achieve the overhaul of the banks digital activities we first began by integrating google analytics and measuring the banks online activities. Furthermore, we Implemented Google Tag Manager throughout using the full suite of web assets. Implementation of custom campaign tracking capabilities. To complement this, we also employed a conversion optimisation strategy and implementation on core retail products including mortgages, credit cards & loans. Heatmap analysis,A/B Testing, User psychology & behaviour analysis were also utilised to ensure the best results. User persona development and optimisation of the website in line with customer profiles were actioned to get a well-rounded view of the banks target audiences. .


Over the last 5 years, we have successfully revolutionised the banks digital presence and have provided the foundation for the bank to thrive in the digital sphere when compared to competitors. This was achieved by developing and providing multiple weekly management information reports for marketing team & senior stakeholders which kept them well informed regarding changes in consumer attitude while also providing them with actionable advice regarding how to best meet company goals. Given the nature of this industry, we cannot reveal metrics, however, an example of what we contribute includes a calculation of Advertising ROI, CPA & CPS for multiple channels (both paid & owned) and recommendations in terms of how to best use their advertising spend.