Instead, if you wish to clean your data from spam referrals that have occurred historically, you can create a segment, like the one in the image below and apply this to your selected view:

In your Google Analytics account, navigate to Admin > Segments in the View settings, select “+ NEW SEGMENT” and select “Traffic Sources”. In the “Source” field, in the drop down menu select “does not match regex” and insert all the spam referrers you know, separated by “|”. Here you do not have a characters limit, you can filter out all the known “bad bot” domains with a single segment. On the right column you can see in real time the percentage of traffic that the segment will filter out, for the selected date range.
For your convenience, we have listed for you all the main known spam referrers:

We have also shared our segment template, by clicking on this link you can automatically install it on one of your Google Analytics accounts:

We hope that this will be useful for your business purposes; Segments are (for the moment) the way to go for winning the battle with spam referrals instantly. However, we also recommend applying filters to prevent the spam bots from infecting your data going forward.
by Federico Conti

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