Digital Advertising

Development and optimisation of a paid search strategy, incorporating advertising on search engines, affiliate websites  and social networks

Search Engine / PPC Advertising

391619-arrow-dollar-monetization-online-earnings-pay-perSearch Engine Advertising gives you the power and flexibility to advertise to targeted consumers on your terms. Using platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, it is now possible to deliver a highly effective message to your customers in real time and to track the effectiveness of your search campaigns through to conversion. Combined with a powerful digital analytics strategy, search advertising gives you confidence that your advertising strategy is cost-effective and will deliver a positive return on investment.


Display Advertising & Remarketing

364027-application-landing-page-layout-responsive-templatDisplay advertising is a powerful tool for getting your brand message in front of consumers. The visual nature of display advertising will catch a user’s eye and reinforce your products and brand in their memory. Using channels such as the Google Display Network and YouTube your reach will be maximised and your advertising targeted to specific audiences. With remarketing we can further optimise for conversion and sales as we retarget potential customers who have engaged previously with low frequency display ads.


Native & Content Advertising

Native advertising is a rapidly emerging digital advertising format where advertiser-sponsored content is designed to intermingle with editorial content on publisher websites. It can take a number of distinct forms including advertorial (editorial content written in partnership with a brand), recommended articles (where sponsored content by advertisers appears in a ‘recommendation’ widget alongside editorial and news-feed content where publishers recommend sponsored content to users via ‘most read’ or update messages. The growth of this technology is possibly correlated with the decline in the effectiveness of display advertising formats with the penetration of ad-blocking technologies.


Social Media Advertising

Organic reach on social networks is diminishing fast and the only real way to reach the social audience is through targeted social advertising. Social adds a new element of interests and demographic targeting. This allows you to target advertising to specific interest groups, age profiles and gender specific. With social advertising there are a broad range of advertising goals available including clicks to website, social page engagements and brand awareness, each with their own specific benefits.


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